Players under 30 should not go to Saudi Arabia… Former French defender comments on Liverpool midfielder Fabinho

Players under 30 should not go to Saudi Arabia... Former French defender comments on Liverpool midfielder Fabinho Transfers

Liverpool midfielder Fabinho is close to playing in Saudi Arabia, following the same route as former Brazilian international Roberto Firmino, with whom he played together until last season. 

With a personal contract already agreed and Liverpool having received a formal offer, it is only a matter of time before the transfer is announced.

Although he will turn 30 this October, he is only 29 years old. Old enough to play in the Champions League as well as the Premier League, there are few advantages for a player to move to the developing Saudi Professional League, but there are many advantages in terms of salary, and it could be an option well worth considering for his life and family.

However, former French defender Franck Leboeuf, who played for Chelsea and other clubs during his playing days, lamented Fabinho’s decision to do so, while denying that players under 30 would abandon the big stage in Europe and join a Middle Eastern club.

“I understand, if you are over 30 or you are 32 or 33, you are Jordan Henderson or you are some others like Ronaldo and Koulibaly, then going there it’s only fair if you want to get some money and put your family safe,”

“If I see players below 30, sorry, but I would say it’s stupid because they have some years to give to the best leagues in the world and they shouldn’t go there.”

“I want to say that I am sad. I remember when he was at the top. He was one of the main players. Liverpool became so successful because it’s due to players like him, who came to the Premier League and showed their talent. Fabinho was one of them.”

“When he was in the middle of the park with Henderson together. They were absolutely fantastic. Perhaps two of the best defensive midfielders in the world.”