I always try to enjoy every minute… Luis Diaz confesses his “Pleasure” of being at Liverpool

I always try to enjoy every minute... Luis Diaz confesses his "Pleasure" of being at Liverpool Team

In the winter of 2022, Liverpool succeeded in acquiring Colombian international Luis Diaz from Porto after a fierce battle with Tottenham Hotspur and other clubs. 

Despite this being his first time in England, Diaz has shown excellent coordination with his teammates immediately after joining the club, scoring a goal and providing an assist.

Although he was out for a long time last season due to injury, his speed and technique to dribble up the left side of the field are first class. 

The former Porto forward, who has scored two goals in four games so far this season, is proud to be playing for Liverpool and says it is his greatest pleasure.

“It’s something I’m very proud of, being at such a massive club as this one.”

“I am incredibly pleased to be here, very much at ease and really happy. I always try to enjoy every minute. I’ve got some great teammates and I play alongside some big-name players, who at one time I used to watch playing on TV.”

“So for me this really is like a dream come true and let’s hope I can keep realising even more of those dreams and continue with the successes I’ve known up to now.””


On walking out at Anfield to You’ll Never Walk Alone…

“It’s just so incredible. It’s a totally unique feeling and sensation, a real one-off experience.”

“Knowing that as you walk out onto the pitch you’ll be able to experience these amazing fans and this great stadium, which is always up and right behind us and giving us support, it sometimes even gives you goosebumps.”

“Honestly, nothing else compares to this. I feel happy being at this great club and I wouldn’t change a single thing about this fantastic experience.”