The former Liverpool midfielder urges Caoimhín Kelleher to move on

The former Liverpool midfielder urges Caoimhín Kelleher to move on Transfers

After taking over the second position from Spanish goalkeeper Adrián, Irish goalkeeper Caoimhín Kelleher has been a valuable goalkeeper in recent seasons, especially in cup competitions, following in the footsteps of guardian Alisson Becker.

The young goalkeeper, now 24 years old, had limited opportunities last season due to Liverpool’s early elimination from the Cup competition. He played only four games all season, which is not enough playing time for a player in his mid-20s.

He has been unable to break out of the second tier this season. Jason McAteer, a senior Irish midfielder who played for Liverpool during his playing days, is concerned about the future of the Irish goalkeeper, who is rumored to be on the verge of a complete transfer every time the transfer market opens. 

He explained the need to play every week and insisted that it is time for him to move on.

“He’s played his part. He was the hero in the League Cup final, he’s had some great moments with the club. But for me football is about playing football.”

“You don’t want to go through your career where you’ve sat on a bench and get to the later stages of your career wanting the opportunity to go and play. His time is now.”

“He is sitting behind arguably the best keeper in the world. So in all honesty, he’s not going to play. He’s going to nick the old game in the League Cup, maybe the Europa League, but that’s not enough football.”

“The other thing as well, it’s harming and detrimental towards his international career. He’s missing out. He’s going to look back in years to come and go, ‘I’ve missed out on these years’.”

“His time is to go now, it’s time to move on. Whether they couldn’t get anyone in to replace him I don’t know, and for Liverpool, what a No.2 have.”

“But Caoimhin, he’s got to be selfish and think, ‘it’s just not my time here to play’. He can move to another team in the Premier League, no problem. Playing week in week out, I’m sure he would nail down the first team position with Ireland.”

“At the minute you can’t knock [Ireland manager] Stephen Kenny for picking a player who plays week in week out. As much as Caoimhin is at one of the greatest clubs in the world and behind the best keeper in the world, he is still not playing football.”

“You don’t even play reserve team, you nick the odd game now and again. Sometimes you’re just not up to speed doing that so I can understand Stephen Kenny. Caoimhin, for me, he’s got to get out.”