Fighting with everything on the line…Liverpool midfielder Alexis Mac Allister talks about his “lofty” goal

Fighting with everything on the line...Liverpool midfielder Alexis Mac Allister talks about his "lofty" goal Team

Argentine midfielder Alexis Mac Allister was a key player for Brighton, which finished sixth in the Premier League last season and advanced to the European stage for the first time in the club’s history. He also won the Qatar World Cup for the national team and made the step up to Liverpool this summer.

The versatile midfielder, who can play either forward or back in midfield, has been used as an anchor since the start of the season, but has won the trust of his manager with his calm and composed style of play. With expectations high for his future, the former Brighton midfielder spoke of his goals for the season.

“As every big team, you want to aim very high.”

“We’ve got an important competition like the Europa League and then the Premier League of course. We want to get this club back into the Champions League.”

“So we have to aim very high and that’s what we are trying, try to go step by step, win every game and then the future we will see. But of course, at this big club, we will fight for everything.”

“We all know how important the Premier League is, it’s a whole year, and when it’s that long, the best team gets the trophy.”

“We are still improving and we are really happy with our performances so far. That’s 100 per cent our aim.”

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Liverpool last season, when the midfielders were getting older and the intense pressing in midfield had been overshadowed. James Milner, Naby Keita, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jordan Henderson, and Fabinho all left, and the club secured three players in mid to early 20s.

The upgraded midfielders have made a strong start with four wins in five games, giving the impression that they have entered a new era.

Can the Argentine midfielder, who is expected to be active in the mid- to long-term, bring the team a title that will surpass that of Klopp’s first regime…?