My heart is in Liverpool…Jurgen Klopp dismisses rumors of a German national team manager

My heart is in Liverpool...Jurgen Klopp dismisses rumors of a German national team manager Uncategorized

The German national team was eliminated from the group stage at the World Cup in Qatar, and the team’s performance never improved after that. In a friendly match against Japan, the German national team coach Hansi Flick was dismissed after losing the team’s cohesion due to a noticeable lack of motivation among the players.

The German Football Federation (DFB) is looking for a replacement and is close to bringing in manager Julian Nagelsmann, who is currently on a free transfer. He was relieved of his position at Bayern Munich midway through last season, but remains a highly regarded young manager.

His contract is up until the end of EURO 2024, which will be held in his home country, and no decision has been made after that. Jurgen Klopp’s popularity continues to grow in Germany, and his name is in the headlines every time there is a national team controversy.

In an interview with the German newspaper RTL, the German manager, who has always respected his contract with Liverpool, described Nagelsmann as a desirable solution, but pledged his own loyalty to Liverpool and expressed his enthusiasm for his second chapter at Anfield.

“I think Julian is a great solution because he is a great coach. I would be very happy about it – if it happens that way,”

“We’re building Liverpool 2.0 here, we want to attack again and not just look at how much longer can we go on,”

“I have a loyalty to Liverpool. My heart is here in Liverpool. You can’t just cut out the eight years. I signed a contract here and, as far as I can remember, I wasn’t drugged or tied up and had to sign with my mouth. That was a free decision. And that’s why it doesn’t fit.”