Everything goes well…Newly recruited Dutch midfielder Ryan Gravenberch recalls his one-month at Liverpool

Everything goes well...Newly recruited Dutch midfielder Ryan Gravenberch recalls his one-month at Liverpool Career

In a last-ditch effort to revamp their midfield corps, Liverpool moved to acquire Dutch U-21 midfielder Ryan Gravenberch, who had been languishing at Bayern Munich.  

Liverpool have been rumored to be keen on the midfielder since the opening of the transfer market this summer, and as the deadline loomed, the German champions agreed to let him go.

With his tall frame and long arms and legs, the 21-year-old scored 12 goals and provided 13 assists in 103 games for Ajax, and he is also a promising prospect in the Netherlands.

He is a promising prospect in Holland, and is aiming for even greater things under Jurgen Klopp, who has been a great admirer of his abilities since his days at Eredivisie.

It has been only about a month since he started at Anfield. Reflecting once again on life at Liverpool, he said that everything has gone well so far with the help of the team. He also revealed that he has learned a lot from his manager and coaches.

“Everything goes well. I am very happy to be here and it’s now a month already, so it feels great. I am very happy to be here,”

“If I am honest, the team is very good with each other and they give me a warm welcome. When I need something I can ask them and they will help me with it.”

“Of course, I have to learn a little bit the system from the coach [and] what he wants from me, but when I look to the games that I played I think it goes well and we can grow on that.”

“That [general work] also and I think with the coaches, [they are] working with me on counter-pressing,”

“I think counter-pressing is the thing that he [the manager] wants to put inside of me, inside of my head [to] directly think of it, so I think counter-pressing is the [main] thing.”

“He [Lijnders] explains to me a lot, also before the games and in the half-times. I like it because he speaks also Dutch so he can explain.”