Really exciting… Scotland U-21 head coach can’t hide his excitement about Ben Doak’s future

Really exciting... Scotland U-21 head coach can't hide his excitement about Ben Doak's future Hot Prospect

Ben Doak, a 17-year-old winger, joined Liverpool from the Celtic Academy during the transfer market last summer.

He has shown his competitive spirit and overwhelming dribbling ability at the Premier League’s top clubs, and last season he played not only in cup competitions but also in the Premier League for a short time.

He continues to create numerous chances with his incisive breakthroughs from the right wing.

This season, he not only broke through on his own, but also showed his maturity as he broke through in partnership with his teammates and played with his left foot, making opposing defenders less likely to target him.

Liverpool is not the only club with high expectations for the youngster, who has also started in the Europa League. Scot Gemmill, the Scotland Under-21 national head coach, also sees potential in the youngster and said it will be exciting to watch his development up close.

“He is becoming a leader off the pitch even though he is younger, and he sets an example every day in training,”

“There is no question Ben is definitely maturing very fast and you can tell he is obviously training and playing every day with really good players, so it is really exciting to see his development.”

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Despite being only 17 years old, he has already made four appearances for the U-21 national team. In the cup match against Leicester City, he played well against James Justin, who has a lot of Premier League experience, and he may get more opportunities in the future.

While there are high expectations for the next generation of wingers to make their debut for the full national team, as the Scottish national team is not as rich in talent as the English national team, the manager declined to say which one, saying that it is solely up to the Scottish national team manager and the coaches.

“It is obviously Steve [Clarke] and his staff’s decision. We are all in agreement that Ben will play for Scotland, and it is up to Steve when that moment is,”

“Whether that is in the next international window or not is up to Steve and his staff. Everyone knows Ben will play for Scotland it is just up to the manager to pick the right moment and we have to trust him.”

“I think we are all in agreement it is just about picking the right moment and Steve and his staff will do that.”

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