Kostas Tsimikas reveals that he was struggling to play after Andy Robertson’s injury

Kostas Tsimikas reveals that he was struggling to play after Andy Robertson's injury Team

Kostas Tsimikas, a 27-year-old defender, came to England from Greece in 2020.

Although he did not have a satisfactory season in his first year with the club, including a corona infection, from his second year he has contributed to the team with his characteristic strong defense and accurate crossing, and has become a valuable asset as a reserve left back.

Scottish defender Andy Robertson is out for several months with a shoulder injury sustained in a national team match. This is a thousand opportunities for the Greek defender, but he has been disappointing, with Joe Gomez rotating to the left without a standout performance.

He was also forced to be substituted midway through many games even after starting, and while the player himself revealed that he was not in his best form, he said that he was trying to give the best performance he could.

“I can’t describe it. It’s not the best football I’ve played, in all these years in the teams I’ve had,”

“It was something that never happened to me, I always try to perform, and in this row of games.”

“So it was something that happened for me [for the] first time.”

“I wanted to just be focused, just to think that I’m a good enough player to be here, and that it was one mistake at Toulouse and it doesn’t affect me. That’s what I showed.”


In the last game against Brentford, he assisted Mohamed Salah’s second goal for the team. I have the impression that he is slowly getting back into the swing of things, and I hope that this game will be the start of a return to his true form.