Liverpool midfielder Curtis Jones talks about his position as a “long time” academy player

It's time to leave... Former Liverpool defender Jose Enrique urges England U-21 midfielder Curtis Jones to leave! Career

Born in Liverpool, he joined Liverpool at an early age. After moving up steadily through the various academy categories and showing promise as an attacking player, he began to accompany the first team along with Neco Williams and Harvey Elliott.

He has never played for any other club, not even on loan transfers, and is a genuine Liverpool boy. In the second half of last season or so, he grew in the game as he became a regular name in the team at all times.

This season, he is expected to lead the team in the midfield where the mainstays of the team have left.

Despite being only 22 years old, he has been at Anfield for more than 10 years. Curtis, who understands every corner of the club, describes himself as an experienced player, but says he has changed since his youth.

“I feel it and I’m trying to sound like it as well.”

“Definitely. There has been a huge change in the team and I’m one of the ones who has been here – it’s mad to say, I’m only 22 – but I’ve been here [since] 17. There’s lads who are coming in now and it’s their first time around the team, so I’m like an experienced one who has been around the whole of the thing for a long time.”

“So, yeah, even though I’m young I do feel like I’m one of the experienced ones and know how the manager and staff like [us] to go and play.”

“He’s spoken about it a lot the way I’m the first one to go and press and things like that. Now, I was a kid who came in and pressing and defending were never a thing for me! ‘No, I don’t need that part of the game.’”

“Now that he’s picking up on it loads and he’s spoken about it, just goes to show how much that I’ve actually changed.”

“So, I feel like I’ve gained his trust. But I’ve still got a long way to go.”

“I’m on 100 games but I feel it’s just the beginning and I want to just carry on and hold the form and keep it going.”

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