“I call him Gakkers”…Curtis Jones reveals the moment he decided on the nickname for Gakpo

"I call him Gakkers"...Curtis Jones reveals the moment he decided on the nickname for Gakpo Career

Liverpool midfielder Curtis Jones, who emerged from the academy at a young age, joined the first team as a teenager. He was trusted by manager Jurgen Klopp, but injuries and other problems prevented him from becoming a mainstay of the team.

However, in the second half of last season, he became a regular in the team, and is expected to make further progress this season after the transfer of Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, and other first-teamers. Off the pitch, he is a cheerful personality and a mood-maker who is not afraid to talk to newcomers.

He has become good friends with Dutch international Cody Gakpo, who joined the club in the winter of 2023, and has given him his own nickname, “Gakkers,” and explains how he came up with the nickname.

“I call him Gakkers, that’s the name that needs to stick with him. Cody just came in and everyone loved him when he came in, he’s the most polite lad, but he’s hilarious. There was a time he was going on about my accent, saying Curtis’s accent is strong and I said ‘shut up you Gakkers!’ And it just stuck,”

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Curtis, a native of Liverpool, speaks with a uniquely local accent, as do Trent Alexander-Arnold and others. It is a language that is difficult for non-native English speakers to understand, a fact that foreign players often struggle with.

In any case, fitting in with the team is a major factor for success on the pitch. In this process, the presence of a 22-year-old midfielder who can talk cheerfully to anyone may play an important role in the future of Liverpool.