Darwin Nunez’s condition is a big problem… A Liverpool alumnus mentions the current state of his old team

Darwin Nunez's condition is a big problem... A Liverpool alumnus mentions the current state of his old team Team

Liverpool’s efforts to revamp their midfield during this summer’s transfer window have put them in a position to compete for the top spot in the Premier League and win the championship, even though they are only at the halfway point.

31-year-old forward Mohamed Salah and 32-year-old defender Virgil van Dijk are still in good form, and youngsters such as Harvey Elliott and others have also shown good taste.

The Uruguayan forward Darwin Nunez, who was criticized for his decision-making last season, showed signs of evolution at the beginning of the season as he made some difficult shots, but his overall performance has been sluggish recently. However, his overall performance has been sluggish recently.

Former Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann has voiced his concerns about the former Benfica player, who is suffering from the second season jinx.

While mentioning Dominik Szoboszlai, who has been out of form, he also mentioned the 24-year-old striker, who has been out of goal for some time.

“Well I do like Endo, I saw a lot of him in Germany and he scored a good goal a couple of weeks ago, so I think he’s adapting to the pace of the Premier League now.”

“Szoboszlai had a very good start to the season, he’s gone pretty quiet now and Gravenberch is a capable player.”

“I think they missed Mac Allister, who is probably the best player in midfield so far.”

“But I think the bigger issue is probably the form of Nunez since he scored those goals away to Newcastle where I thought he’s coming into his own now and he will be the striker that everybody expected him to be.”

“I think he’s only scored one or two goals [since then] and his form is a bit of a worry I think.”