Regrets his transfer from Liverpool…Daniel Agger recalls his past

Regrets his transfer from Liverpool...Daniel Agger recalls his past Career

Former national team defender Daniel Agger made his first-team debut for Bremby IF, where he spent his youth years, and developed into a promising young player in Denmark, where his potential earned him a move to Liverpool in 2006.

The center back, who is blessed with good height, strong physicality, long feeds, and a powerful long-range shot, spent time at Anfield until 2014, scoring 14 goals and 11 assists in 232 games.

After leaving the club, he returned to Bremby IF and decided to retire two years later. The 39-year-old now regrets his decision to leave Liverpool, which he made in anger after losing his job under Brendan Rodgers, and says he should have kept his cool.

“I only did it because I was p_____ (off),”

“I’d gone from being made vice-captain to being fourth or fifth choice centre-back at times. I can see now I should have been calmer. I wish I had stayed here for another six months and maybe things would have changed. But at the time, I felt like I had reached my edge and took my career into my own hands.

“I always wanted to finish at Brondby because the fans are unbelievable, but the timing was all wrong. The year before, they had nearly been relegated and almost went bankrupt. I went there at a bad time. After I finished my two-year contract there, I didn’t feel like I could stay but I didn’t feel like I could go back out again either so I retired.”

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He also played 75 games for the Danish national team, but his injury habits made it difficult for him to play throughout the season at many times.

However, his loyalty to Liverpool was strong and he was loved by the supporters, so he could have played at Anfield if the manager had been different.