Which midfielder would you like to play with in midfield…Declan Rice picks former Liverpool midfielder

Which midfielder would you like to play with in midfield...Declan Rice picks former Liverpool midfielder Uncategorized

England midfielder Declan Rice was promoted from West Ham’s lower divisions to the first team in 2017.

He has developed into a player who can cover a wide range of areas with his clever positioning, strength, and abundant stamina, while also dribbling the ball himself, and was even named captain of the team at the Olympic Stadium.

After Chelsea, his childhood club, showed interest, the 25-year-old midfielder decided to join Arsenal in the summer transfer window for a reported £105 million fee, and has continued to make his mark in midfield.

When quizzed about the midfielder he would like to play with in midfield during his time at West Ham, he chose former England midfielder Steven Gerrard, who had a history-making performance at Liverpool.

“I’m gonna go Stevie G [Steven Gerrard]. I feel like – of course him and Lamps [Frank Lampard] were always compared,”

“I could say Lamps as well – I adore Lamps as a player. But just Stevie G, I dunno there’s just something about him. The way he is on the pitch, he just turns into an animal.”

“I feel like we would complement each other well because he can just do everything. He can run into the box, he can tackle, he can pass, he can dictate play.”

“To play with him and see how he plays would be special.”

TNT Sports’ Joe Cole Cast

The Arsenal midfielder was right, he played at a high level both offensively and defensively and made an impact on many players. Although he won the Champions League, he could not lead them to the Premier League championship.

Nevertheless, Steven Gerrard, whose play was imitated by many players, will make history not only as a player but also as a manager…?