Brendan Rodgers is a great coach…Former Liverpool midfielder James Milner laments his brief stint

Brendan Rodgers is a great coach...Former Liverpool midfielder James Milner laments his brief stint Career

Former England midfielder James Milner joined Liverpool on a free transfer from Manchester City. At Anfield, he made a name for himself as a utility player, playing mainly as a midfielder but also as a reserve left and right back.

He said goodbye to Liverpool at the end of last season and played for Brighton this season. While bringing experience to a team full of young players, he has also been asked to play a variety of positions, including right back, left back, and midfield.

The 38-year-old midfielder, who is still at the forefront of his game, looks back on his time at Anfield. He recalls that Jurgen Klopp was a great coach, not to mention Brendan Rodgers, who coached him for only three months immediately after he joined the club.

“Brendan, like Sir Bobby [Robson], I was unfortunate not to work with him for longer,”

“Great coach, great manager. I liked him a lot for the time that I was with him. Then Jurgen comes in and we didn’t play a slow style under Brendan, it was just the personality of the manager and the standards he wanted.”

“I remember the first game was Spurs away and the tempo of the game was just like out of this world, both teams were going at it and the level was just 100%. The training was a lot longer, a lot harder, players were getting injured while they adapted to it but he had to get what his expectations were down early.”

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