Not a captain…The former Liverpool midfielder is disappointed with the behavior of Bruno Fernandes

Not a captain...The former Liverpool midfielder is disappointed with the behavior of Bruno Fernandes Uncategorized

Liverpool, under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp, holds the title of Europe’s powerhouse.

Their biggest rival is Manchester City, led by Josep Guardiola, which has been a title contender of a different dimension for the past several seasons.

Unlike them, Manchester United’s performance has been erratic since the retirement of Alex Ferguson. 

Just when they thought they were getting back on track, they were back to square one the following season, and any great manager would have a hard time getting back on track.

Erik ten Hag also showed some momentum in his first season in charge, but the results this season have been lackluster.

The Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes is the captain of the club, and while he leads the team with one of the best performances and passion in the Premier League, he has a tendency to lose his nerve easily.

Last year, he stopped running midway through the game in a heavy defeat at Anfield and was clearly unmotivated by the game.

Former Scotland midfielder Graeme Souness, who also used to play for Liverpool, defined the player as not a captain and said that he would have been a better player at Liverpool or Manchester City.

“He is a player. I don’t think he’s a captain.”

“In terms of quality if he played for Liverpool or if he played for City he would be a fantastic player.”

“We would not be having this conversation.”

“All this, shaking the head is majorly disappointing. He wouldn’t be losing as many games [at Liverpool or City] and he wouldn’t be so frustrated.”

“But I accept his body language isn’t great at times and I was majorly disappointed of him in the 7-0 defeat at Anfield last year when he just stopped running back.”