Egypt’s team doctor tells why the injured Mohamed Salah returned to Liverpool

Egypt's team doctor tells why the injured Mohamed Salah returned to Liverpool Uncategorized

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah, who was part of the front three at Anfield and formed one of the strongest front lines in the world.

The Egyptian King’s presence is significant not only for his club, but also for the Egyptian national team, and he will be expected to lead the team in performances against the national team.

The 31-year-old winger came to the Africa Cup of Nations with high expectations from the Egyptian public, but was forced to change in the second game against Ghana due to injury.

The next day, he was expected to miss about two games, but after further tests, it was discovered that the injury would take up to a month to return to the field.

Based on the results, the player decided to return to Liverpool and focus all his efforts on his return, rather than accompanying the Egyptian national team.

Dr. Mohamed Abou Elela, the team doctor for the national team, spoke candidly about the circumstances leading up to that decision.

“Mohamed Salah suffers from a strain in the back muscle of the second degree,”

“When the first FA statement [said] that Salah would be out for only two games, we only had one X-ray on Salah, but after the second X-ray, we found it bigger.”

“I don’t wait for someone to tell me how I work.”

“I’m always doing enough to improve myself and I’m not the one to announce injuries and the timing, but my role is only to treat the players.”

“We have enough potential but in two days we will travel to the poorly equipped city of San Pedro, so we found that his treatment at Liverpool would be better.”

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