Sleep a little bit better… “Rival” Pep Guardiola is shocked by Jurgen Klopp’s announcement

Sleep a little bit better... "Rival" Pep Guardiola is shocked by Jurgen Klopp's announcement Uncategorized

Jurgen Klopp, who was expected to remain at the helm at Anfield until 2026, has announced that he will step down as Liverpool manager at the end of this season.

The news of his departure, which was not even foreseen, immediately traveled around the world, with managers of rival teams and potential successors commenting on the news.

Pep Guardiola, who took over as Manchester City manager from Bayern Munich and in recent years has been in an extraordinary battle with Liverpool for the top spot in the Premier League, was touched by the announcement, admitting that he was shocked, but joked that from now on he would go into a deep sleep the day before a game.

He also joked that from now on he would be able to sleep deeply the day before a match.

“I am a little bit shocked,”

“He’s an absolutely incredible manager and I know I don’t know him closely, but he’s an incredible person as well.”

“I have this feeling that he’s leaving part of us at Man City too as Liverpool have been our biggest rival in his years. He will be missed, personally I will miss him.”

“But I am pleased because without him I will sleep a little bit better the night before we play against Liverpool”

“I wish him all the best,”

“He doesn’t admit it yet but he will be back.”

Most recently, in the 2021/22 season, the teams battled at different levels, winning “90” points without dropping a game until the very end.Year after year, they have continued to evolve, incorporating the best aspects of each other’s style of play.

While Guardiola, who played the brilliant soccer typified by Tiki Taka, incorporated Klopp’s intense pressing, switching between offense and defense, and fast attacks, the German coach also built a soccer style that does not rely solely on Gegenpress, such as passing the ball around and breaking it down in the penalty area to control the game. 

The two teams played a match that was not only a grueling affair, but also a game that was not only a game of chance.

The games between the two teams are played at an incredibly fast tempo, and many of them are tense and tense matches in which even a moment of slackness can lead to a goal being scored.

Only one match remains in such a supreme match. Will Jurgen Klopp be able to finish off his biggest rival.