I don’t want to bring Xabi right after Klopp… A former teammate discusses the future of Xabi Alonso

I don't want to bring Xabi right after Klopp... A former teammate discusses the future of Xabi Alonso Transfers

Former Spanish international Luis Garcia grew up in the Barcelona cantera and worked for Real Valladolid and Atletico Madrid before moving to Liverpool in the summer of 2004.

He was a memorable winger, scoring valuable goals in big games.He was also a teammate of former Real Sociedad midfielder Xabi Alonso, who came to Anfield at the same time Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez asked him to join the club, and they were teammates until he left in the summer of 2007, scoring a goal after a long feed.

The former Liverpool forward said that Xabi Alonso, who showed his leadership skills at Bayer Leverkusen and has now transformed himself into one of the most promising young managers in the game, is not a favorite to take over immediately after Jurgen Klopp.

“Sometimes, rushing things is not very good. I’m not saying Xabi is not ready to handle high levels because you have seen what he has done at Leverkusen.”

“There have been talks and rumours about him leaving for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich but, in the end, I like the way Xabi has managed his career and making it step by step. I don’t want to bring Xabi right after Jurgen Klopp because the legacy Jurgen has left is so big that it is going to be very difficult to match it.”

“Everyone is going to expect from Xabi not even a transition period, they want to deliver the best of the best and to be challenging for every trophy. That’s not easy. I would like to see Xabi one day arrive in Liverpool, with all the mistakes he has to continue making, because we have to say he is just starting his career.”


Since the announcement of the resignation of the German coach, the media have been reporting on the candidates for his successor on a daily basis.

Among them, Xabi Alonso, who has spent his playing days at Anfield, is very popular with the supporters, and many media outlets are reporting him as the top candidate.

On the other hand, he does not have much experience in the top flight. He signed a contract with his current club in the middle of last season and has been in great form since the start of this season. He boasts unparalleled strength, but whether he can maintain that good form is another matter.

In any case, he remains one of the candidates, and how will Liverpool go about appointing a manager in the future…?