A big question…Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk is tight-lipped about staying on beyond next season

A big question...Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk is tight-lipped about staying on beyond next season Transfers

After working for Celtic and Southampton, Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk has developed into one of the world’s leading center backs. At Anfield, he continues to lead one of the best defenses in the Premier League by masterfully leading the final line.

The tall center back, who will turn 33 this July, has a year and a half remaining on his contract, and as he will become a free transfer in June 2025, Liverpool is said to be looking to renew his contract, and the player has mentioned his future.

He declined to make a statement at a stage when his future structure has not yet been decided.

“Will I be part of the new era? That’s a big question,”

“I don’t know. Eighteen months left? That’s correct. Good maths. I don’t know.”

“The club will have a big job on their hands, that is well known. To replace not only the manager but the whole staff and there are so many things that will change. I’m very curious which direction that will go in but when that will be announced we will see our situation. I can’t say much about it.”

“It will be the end of Jurgen Klopp’s era and I am still part of it – that’s why I don’t like to talk about it. That is my main focus. We will see at the end of the season, hopefully we will have the success we all dream of and by then probably there will be more clarification about what the club wants for the future and then we will see.”


As a defensive leader, he is at the heart of the center back group and also contributes in attack with long feeds and headers. He is an indispensable member of the team, and has trained the new generation of players such as Ibrahima Konate and Jarell Quansah.

He should still be a regular, but with the loss of the too-great Jurgen Klopp and his career nearing its end, he will be pondering his future…