Anthony Gordon confesses that he is learning from his “best player” Mohamed Salah

Anthony Gordon confesses that he is learning from his "best player" Mohamed Salah Uncategorized

Born in Liverpool, former England U-21 international Anthony Gordon emerged from the ranks at Everton.The young attacker, who uses his crisp dribbling and incredible speed to break down opposing defenses and trick the goal, was brought to Newcastle in the winter of 2023 for his talent.

He has found his place at the club, and with seven goals and eight assists in 31 games this season, he is leading the attack in a team that has not shown the same strength as last season.

The winger, who is still only 22 years old and is expected to continue to develop further in the future, was asked who he looks up to as a reference player, and he mentioned Liverpool winger Mohamed Salah by name.

“I watch Salah a lot,”

“Numbers-wise, the positions he takes up, the runs in behind – he’s unbelievable.”

“He’s probably the best player in the world for me because he has so much impact on the game.”

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Since joining Liverpool from AS Roma, he has scored numerous goals with his natural speed and outstanding determination. He has also combined well with Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino, and his front-three attack has been a handful for defenders.

At 31 years of age, he is not as fast as he was in his prime, but he has a strong upper body that allows him to hold his opponents and control the ball.

He has a strong upper body to hold his opponents and control the ball, and his last passes, not only with his left foot but also with his right, have resulted in many assists, while his decision-making rate in front of goal remains as high as ever.

Although they are from different sides, there are countless lessons to be learned as fellow wingers. The former Everton forward seems more composed in front of goal than last season, perhaps due to his study of the Egyptian winger’s game.