Potential candidates to work at Bayern…Manuel Neuer predicts Jurgen Klopp’s career

Potential candidates to work at Bayern...Manuel Neuer predicts Jurgen Klopp's career Transfers

The announcement of Jurgen Klopp’s departure from the team has taken the world by surprise.The German coach, who will leave the team at the end of the season, is expected to take some time off from the field as well. And this season, his last, will be an intense six months for both the coach and the players.

While the news about the candidates for the next coach is heating up, what is worrisome is Klopp’s departure. After a break, the big question is where will be his next new place.

If he were to return to the field, Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has suggested that he could be his own leader, while the German national team coach seems to be the most likely candidate.

“I think it depends on him,”

“I don’t think FC Bayern has anything against that, because he’s a renowned, very good, experienced, tactically astute coach who has gained big respect from all footballers and athletes and I believe that he’s definitely a potential candidate who could work for Bayern at some point.”

“Whether he wants to do that is of course his business. Maybe he wants to take a break first. Maybe he no longer wants the day-to-day business – I can imagine him possibly being the national team coach one day. Of course, that mainly depends on him.”

He has made steady progress in the Bundesliga with Mainz, where he spent his playing days, and Borussia Dortmund, which was struggling financially, and has now become an undisputed great general.

Dortmund remains Bayern’s biggest rival, and the chances of Klopp taking over at the Allianz Arena are slim to none.

What kind of career will Klopp have in the future?