Chelsea creeps up on Xabi Alonso if Mauricio Pochettino is sacked

Chelsea creeps up on Xabi Alonso if Mauricio Pochettino is sacked Transfers

Jurgen Klopp took over as Liverpool’s manager in October 2015 after a successful era with Borussia Dortmund. He revived a team that had struggled to achieve consistent results and led them to numerous titles in addition to the Champions League and Premier League.

But the great manager has run out of steam. When he announced that he would be leaving Anfield at the end of the season, there has been a lot of talk about the candidates for the next manager. Among them, Xabi Alonso, who leads Bayer Leverkusen, is seen as the leading candidate.

The Spanish coach’s reputation continues to grow in the Bundesliga, where the team has been unrivalled this season. According to the Daily Express, Chelsea are considering him as their No. 1 target if Mauricio Pochettino is dismissed.

Chelsea has spent a lot of money on acquiring young talent over the past year or two, but the results have not been good. Some games they dominate and dominate the game, but there are also many games where they concede goals easily.

They have fallen a step or two behind the top contenders in the Premier League, and if the situation continues as is, it would not be surprising if the two words “dismissal” were to come to the forefront. It is not surprising that Xabi Alonso, a popular coach who is in a fierce battle with Bayern Munich for the top spot, would be a candidate for the job.

However, it is unlikely that he would choose London as his new club, as he has no ties to Chelsea. If he were to decide to leave Leverkusen, Liverpool would be the most likely candidate.