“My aim is to win the quadruple” – Trent Alexander-Arnold is all about making the best memories

"My aim is to win the quadruple" - Trent Alexander-Arnold is all about making the best memories Team

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold joined the first team under Jurgen Klopp and has become a world-class right back.He has recently been used as a midfielder, expanding his game beyond the confines of the defender’s box.

This season he became vice-captain and changed his position to mentally lead the team. From now on, he will be a role model for the younger players, but together with Virgil van Dijk, he must also show the same strong mentality that Jordan Henderson and James Milner used to show.

The England defender, who has been more inspirational and responsible on the pitch compared to last season, said he is giving his all to finish the remaining years of Klopp’s regime in the best possible way.

“What I can say is between now and the end of the season, I’m fully focused on winning every single trophy possible,”

“My aim is to go and win the quadruple, win four trophies, create those memories.”

“I’m sure they’ll be amazing memories between now and then. It’s only a couple of weeks before [we can win] our first piece of silverware.”

“Carabao Cup is a 50-50 chance. The other competitions are the other competitions. Cup competitions speak for themselves, because it’s knockout football.”

“I would back ourselves against any team in the world, to go and be able to beat them over a game or two, over two legs.”

“European football at Anfield, back ourselves to beat any team in Europe. With the FA Cup, I’d back ourselves to beat any team.”

“What I believe we’re capable of doing is beating any team that’s in front of us, I think that’s the mentality you need to have.”

“The league, it’s going to come down to consistency and results,”

“It’d be nice to say we’re going to win every game between now and the end of the season, but there’s a good chance that’s not going to happen.”

“We’ve just got to limit the points that we drop, really.”

“We need to put a good run together, which we know we’re capable of doing, and we also need to keep out mentality right, because I’m sure the pressure will be right behind us.”