Can’t handle the burden of captaincy…Former Egyptian forward Mido questions Mohamed Salah’s captaincy

Can't handle the burden of captaincy...Former Egyptian forward Mido questions Mohamed Salah's captaincy Uncategorized

At the club level, Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian international who failed to make the grade at Chelsea, has resumed a brilliant career in Italy.He has already been recognized as a legend at Liverpool, where he scored an incredible number of goals and assisted a number of goals.

Although he is a superstar who is deified even in his native Egypt, he was injured at this year’s Africa Cup of Nations, and his national team was eliminated early after losing to the Congolese team. The player returned to Liverpool early for rehabilitation and has continued to treat his injuries.

The Egyptian team’s disappointing performance came back to bite Mido, a former national team player who played for Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax, among others. Among others, he questioned Salah’s captaincy and strongly insisted that he should not be given an armband.

“Is Messi as a leader for Argentina like Salah as a leader for Egypt?,”

“Salah is Egypt’s star, but does what he does with the national team resemble what Messi does with Argentina?”

“Does Salah do what Ronaldo does with Portugal? Directing players in penalty kicks, saying who will take the shot and who will follow, and imposing his personality on everyone.”

“Salah has evolved mentally, but he has never been a leader on the pitch, the evidence for that is why he didn’t get the captain’s armband at Liverpool?”

“Ask yourself why Salah has never worn the captain’s armband for Liverpool? Don’t say it’s because he’s a foreign player, as this is not a factor in English football, and there is ample evidence.”

“Salah was negatively affected by becoming the captain of Egypt. He would have had more freedom and less pressure if he remained without that armband.”

“Some may accuse me of jealousy towards Salah, but those are a group of sick people. I cannot imagine Ahmed Fathi, with his value and great history, giving up the captain’s armband for Salah.”

“These are red lines and a change in traditions followed for years, and comparisons shouldn’t be made with the cases of Messi and Ronaldo because the situation is completely different. The duo have completely different personalities and mentalities from Salah.”

“If Salah were the captain of Liverpool, he wouldn’t have delivered the same strong performance. He is one of those players who find it difficult to bear the burden of captaincy.”

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It is clear that he is not a little jealous of Salah’s successes during his active career.He also laments his own performance in the tournament, but this statement reveals his character as a player who had to move from one team to another.