Liverpool’s top target this summer is “Brazil’s rising star” 18-year-old midfielder Luis Guilherme

Liverpool's top target this summer is "Brazil's rising star" 18-year-old midfielder Luis Guilherme Transfers

Liverpool is opening a new era with a new coach. The possibility of acquiring players of the new coach’s liking has emerged as a change from the Jurgen Klopp regime, and the departure of veterans such as Joel Matip and Thiago Alcantara, who have been active at Anfield for many years, is also approaching.

Other whispers of the departure of Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, for whom Saudi Arabia is reportedly preparing a huge offer, and Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk, who has been captain since this season, have Liverpool eyeing the popular Brazilian brand.

According to Football Insider, Liverpool will try to acquire 18-year-old midfielder Luis Guilherme, who was promoted to Palmeiras’ first team last season and has made his presence felt in the Brazil U-20 national team, as their top target.

The attacking midfielder, who can also play as a right winger or center forward, has played 32 games for the first team. He has also played only 27 minutes in the Copa Libertadores, and is steadily gaining experience on the big stage.

With his speed, he has been called up to Brazil’s Under-20 team at just 18 years of age. He is also attracting attention in Brazil as a promising player for the next generation, with some of Europe’s best clubs keenly watching him.

Liverpool has a lineup of attackers and attacking young talents such as Ben Doak and Bobby Clark, but will Liverpool be able to add a new star candidate from South America?