Liverpool defender Conor Bradley reveals which teammate he doesn’t want to face during training

Liverpool defender Conor Bradley reveals which teammate he doesn't want to face during training Hot Prospect

After a remarkable performance for Bolton Wanderers on loan last season, 20-year-old defender Conor Bradley is now firmly established in Liverpool’s first team this season.However, he left the first half of the season with an injury. 

After a slow start to the season, he started the League Cup game against Fulham and has turned into a dependable side-back with outstanding performances in both attack and defense.

The absence of England defender Trent Alexander-Arnold has not been felt in the days when he has been out of action.

However, he says a nightmare awaits him in team training. The Northern Ireland defender has struggled to face Colombian international Luis Diaz, who has revealed that he has become a “nightmare” for the promising sideback.

“He’s my worst nightmare in training, I hate coming up against him!”

“He can go left, he can go right. He’s playing brilliantly at the moment, and long may it continue.”

“It’s the worst thing for a full-back when someone can go down the line or come inside, it’s a nightmare.”

“The fact he can go on his left foot or his right is brilliant for us, and he causes teams all sorts of trouble.”

He is not yet physically fit, and his vulnerability is often exposed when defending against opponents. Nevertheless, in addition to his tenacious defensive skills, he is also able to slip past opposing defenders with his unique dribbling and body movement in attack.

He has come close to scoring a goal himself on many occasions, and in a match against Chelsea at Anfield at the end of January this year, he went on a rampage, scoring one goal and assisting on two others. 

The story of the young Northern Ireland defender has only just begun, and there are many more feats to come…