Two commanders, Ruben Amorim and Julian Nagelsmann, are Xabi Alonso’s potential alternatives

Two commanders, Ruben Amorim and Julian Nagelsmann, are Xabi Alonso's potential alternatives Transfers

With Jurgen Klopp leaving Anfield at the end of the season, reports are heating up regarding Liverpool’s next coach.Xabi Alonso, who leads Bayer Leverkusen, is said to be the most likely candidate, but Bayern Munich has also expressed interest, and the situation remains unpredictable.

Liverpool is also looking at other candidates as possible replacements for the increasingly popular Spanish coach. According to The Telegraph, Reuben Amorim, who leads Sporting, and Julian Nagelsmann, who is in charge of the German national team, are the two most likely candidates.

The 39-year-old coach, who will take charge of Sporting from 2020, has a reputation for developing young players, including 22-year-old defender Goncalo Inácio, who has attracted the interest of many of Europe’s top clubs. This season, the club is in a fierce battle with Benfica for the top of the table.

Along with the young Portuguese coach, a German coach who has held positions at Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig is also high on the list. His career has gone downhill, as he failed to produce results at Bayern Munich due to a messy management team, and he also lost two of four games for the German national team, which he took over under contract until Euro 2024.

The former has limited experience in top-level leagues, and it remains to be seen if he can suddenly make the step up to the Premier League and produce results. The latter has also struggled to handle big names, and his ability to lead a mega club remains in question.

Xabi Alonso also has little experience in the Bundesliga and not much experience on the European stage. Both candidates have their flaws, but if they want a manager on the same level as Klopp, they will have to pull out Josep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, and other unrealistic targets.

This is a case where the skill of Liverpool’s owners will also be questioned, but who will be appointed as the successor to the German coach who has created a new golden era…?