Bergkamp, Kuyt, Larsson and Koeman to buy English clubs as they plan to get involved in coaching

Bergkamp, Kuyt, Larsson and Koeman to buy English clubs as they plan to get involved in coaching Uncategorized

Going back to the beginning, England has been the scene of large club acquisitions since Russian oil money bought Chelsea. As the Middle East bought Manchester City, Newcastle United, and others, wealthy Americans and investment firms have bought Manchester United, Liverpool, and others.

Now that there are far fewer English owners of soccer clubs, money is pouring in from abroad, not only into the Premier League but also into the lower leagues.

And it seems that former star players who played in England during their playing days are planning to buy out third- or fourth-division clubs.

Dutch football agent Rob Jansen revealed his plans. He said that Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp, Dirk Kite, a supporter favorite at Anfield, and Henrik Larsson, who also played for Celtic and Manchester, are among his friends and are involved in the takeover.

“We are in the process of buying a club in England. I’m not allowed to say which club yet.”

“I can say which group we will do it with. Ronald Koeman, Dennis Bergkamp, ​​Henrik Larsson and Dirk Kuyt.”

“We are now looking at League Two or League One. We do this with some people around us and we also have the financiers. It doesn’t have to be in London.”

“The plan is to manage the football club in the broadest sense of the word. So, the way we think it should be. Training, hospitality, merchandising, marketing, everything. We have a group, and maybe one or two more will join.”

“The names I mention will also do a certain job within the club. Henrik Larsson would like to become a head coach. Bergkamp will set up the academy. And Koeman also comes over to do his things.”

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Bergkamp, Kuyt, and Larsson have all been involved in coaching in various capacities since their retirement, including as managers, assistant coaches, and youth teams, and they are expected to focus on coaching at the club when the acquisition is completed.

Will the Dutchman and his team be able to successfully take over an English club and give it a new lease of life?