I argued a lot with the doctors… Dominik Szoboszlai tried to play in the Carabao Cup final

I argued a lot with the doctors... Dominik Szoboszlai tried to play in the Carabao Cup final Match

Liverpool, missing a number of key players and forced to use younger players, pulled off a win with a football-all-the-men victory and won their first title of the season after extra time.The injured who had come to watch the game alone were enough to assemble one of the best eleven in the world.

Hungarian midfielder Dominik Szoboslai is one of those on the injured list. Although he is expected to return soon, the player joined Anfield in the transfer market last summer and has continued to lead the team both offensively and defensively with his inexhaustible stamina, powerful dribbling, and outstanding attacking sense.

Like the rest of the mainstays of the team, this is a big blow for the top team, but the 23-year-old midfielder has told the story of how he tried to get to the Carabao Cup final and gave up, preferring to play more games in the future rather than pushing himself for a place in the finals.

“I would play, I told them, my plan is to return as soon as possible pain-free, but taking the risks involved,”

“I would take the slightly bigger risk to play in the final…but [the medical staff] were more careful.”

“And I’m also looking to the future: I’d rather play another 20 games than get injured again now.”

“I don’t wear it well, I hate not playing,”

“I argued a lot with the doctors. I feel like I could play, but the diagnosis doesn’t show that. I believe they know better, but that’s how it feels.”

“Klopp regularly inquires, asking how I am, when we don’t even meet, because I might go to training differently from the team.”