Michael Edwards is close to returning to Liverpool with Richard Hughes…On the verge of an agreement with FSG

Michael Edwards is close to returning to Liverpool with Richard Hughes...On the verge of an agreement with FSG Team

Jurgen Klopp, who has led Liverpool since 2015, will leave Anfield this summer, as the German’s nearly decade-long reign at the helm nears its end and the club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, are building a new structure to take over at the current level.

There are rumors of a new Sporting Director and a relationship with the commander in chief, but the owners are looking for someone to take responsibility for their reinforcements and have been in contact with the past Sporting Director of Liverpool, and they have approached Michael Edwards.

The Guardian reported that FSG and Edwards have held discussions in Boston, USA, and the Liverpool side continues to push hard. Negotiations are believed to be in the final stages, and besides the Reds, there has been a change in attitude from Chelsea, which has so far turned down proposals from the Reds.

The former SD has been persuaded by key members of the FSG, including John W. Henry and Mike Gordon, and according to The Athletic, an agreement between the two sides is imminent. And the vacant SD position will be filled by Richard Hughes, who is set to leave Bournemouth.

If a deal is finalized, he will be tasked with a wide range of comprehensive duties in the restructuring of the team. If this goes ahead, a final decision is expected to be made at the beginning of next week, and a new era in Liverpool could be set in motion at once.