It was 100% penalty… Jurgen Klopp was unhappy with the referee’s decision, but satisfied with the performance

It was 100% penalty... Jurgen Klopp was unhappy with the referee's decision, but satisfied with the performance Match

Liverpool was in a big game against Manchester City, a match that could determine the future race for the top spot in the Premier League.

The game was played at Anfield, and the home team, which had a lot of injuries, was unable to use some of its main players or had no choice but to introduce them midway through the game.

Even so, the young players and those who were not in good condition held their own, and the game was played with high intensity.In the first half, the away team was pushed back and conceded the first goal, but in the second half, Liverpool had more chances than the visitors.

The Reds equalized early on after halftime, but were unable to convert any of their subsequent chances.Liverpool’s lack of good refereeing decisions this season was to be the new spark in the final minutes of the match.

Jeremy Doku had his foot up high to Alexis Mac Allister who reacted to the spill of a corner kick, albeit with a slight touch of the ball, and the sole of his foot went into the Argentine midfielder’s chest. However, the VAR result was no penalty.

In his post-match interview, Jurgen Klopp insisted that it was a clear penalty. On the other hand, he was pleased with the high level of performance against City.

“It was 100% penalty. They will find an explanation. It was 100% foul in all areas of the pitch and probably a yellow card. All the people with ipads around me were ‘wow, clear’.”

“Maybe they can hide behind the phrase it is not clear and obvious. It is of course a penalty but we didn’t get it and that is fine.

“The most important thing for me is that we can play football like that. I saw so many sensational performances today.”


In the away game against Tottenham Hotspur, Curtis Jones received a red card for a play where he touched the ball first and went straight into his ankle. Despite the exact same sequence of events, one was not a penalty kick or even a card was shown.

In the same match, the British Professional Referees’ Association later apologized, saying that the offside decision was wrong. 

Furthermore, even in the match against Arsenal at Anfield in the championship, many games were marred by poor decisions, such as the intentional handball by Martin Odegaard that was missed.

Injuries continue to occur, unexplainable decisions by the referee, and bad luck continues, but the championship race is not over yet. This is a season of blowing adversity, and if we can win the Premier League, it will be a tremendous end to a horrendous season