It was the right time…Jordan Henderson has no regrets about leaving Liverpool last summer

It was the right time...Jordan Henderson has no regrets about leaving Liverpool last summer Transfers

Born in Sunderland, young midfielder Jordan Henderson moved completely to Liverpool in 2011 after being recognized for his potential.Although he was not in an absolute position due to the presence of Steven Gerrard, he has developed into a world-class midfielder since Jurgen Klopp took over as manager.

He was expected to captain Anfield again this season, but the English midfielder, fearing a decrease in playing time, decided to move to Saudi Arabia. However, the move turned out to be a disaster and he has already returned to Europe.

The former Sunderland midfielder says he made the right decision at the right time in the transfer market last summer and insists he has no regrets.

He also echoed the sentiments of those who have led the mega-club for so long, and said he hopes it all ends up being a fairy tale in the end.

“Not really [any regrets],”

“Looking back it was the right time for me as a player – but also for them as a team and as a club – as much as that hurt at the time.”

“I was very emotional but looking back now it’s easy to see it was the right decision made by the manager and the club. It was the best decision to freshen things up.”

“If you look at Virgil becoming captain, Trent becoming vice-captain, and how they have stepped up again this season, I think it’s given them another lift.”

“They’ve been two huge players for the team so I think it was the best thing for the club and you can see that with the performances this season.

“As much as that hurts me I can understand that’s football and you move on.

“I’m just so happy it’s worked out for them so far and I’ve just got my fingers crossed that hopefully there can be a fairytale end for Jurgen because he deserves it.”

“I’ve spoken to Jurgen a little bit. Obviously when I found out it was quite shocking news for everyone. But I wasn’t as surprised as everyone else was because he has been there for a long time.”

“The passion and emotion that he gives the team and the club – to do that for a long time must in the end wear you out.”

“I think that coming out like it has in the last few weeks will give them an extra energy boost for the remainder of the season. I can see that already in him and the players as well.”

“Hopefully that gets them over the line and they win a few trophies over the next few months.”