Ideal for Liverpool and Barcelona… Former AC Milan manager on Roberto de Zerbi’s future

Ideal for Liverpool and Barcelona... Former AC Milan manager on Roberto de Zerbi's future Transfers

This summer will see a major reshuffling of strong clubs in many countries. In addition to Liverpool, where Jurgen Klopp is stepping down, Barcelona is looking for a replacement for Xavi, and Bayern Munich, where Thomas Tuchel is leaving, continues to search for its next coach.

Other clubs, such as Chelsea and Manchester United, could also be in the running for a new coach, depending on their performance this season.

With the names of Xabi Alonso, Ruben Amorim, Julian Nagelsmann, and other young managers of the new era being reported, Brighton manager Roberto De Zerbi is also a target for several clubs.

Although Brighton’s performance has not been as good as last season, the soccer they are playing is attractive.

Arrigo Sacchi, who has managed AC Milan and the Italian national team, made some interesting comments about the departure of the Italian coach, who is also highly regarded for his management of the players.

“I’ve known him since he was a youth player at Milan,”

“He’s ideal for Liverpool, but above all for Barca. And I’ll explain why. “

“It all started years ago. When he was at Foggia, he came to my house and we talked. After that talk, we agreed that he would send me videos of his football. Four or five games. When I saw them, I called a Serie A club to sign him. He was a revolutionary.”

“De Zerbi is a strategist, and not an Italian-style tactician.”

“I remember De Zerbi didn’t take much care of his defence previously, but he has improved in this. He knows the game, and this goes beyond knowing football,”

“Guardiola does not exaggerate when he praises De Zerbi, a guy who loves what he does.”

“He’s a genius. I wouldn’t sleep much thinking about his team.”

For Liverpool, Xabi Alonso is seen as the first choice, with Amorim second. Although not a high priority, the Reds are also rumored to have the Italian at the helm on their list, and have been linked with Barcelona and others.

The coach will finish his second year in the Premier League this season, but will he continue to lead the team at Brighton after next season, or will he seek a new home at another club…?