Paris Saint-Germain to look to Liverpool winger Luis Diaz to replace Kylian Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain to look to Liverpool winger Luis Diaz to replace Kylian Mbappe Transfers

Colombian international Luis Diaz, who will play on Liverpool’s left wing starting in the winter of 2022, is rumored to be of interest from Barcelona, but some journalists have denied the speculation and the financially struggling Spanish club is unlikely to be able to come up with the transfer fee.

Whether they are aware of the situation or not, they are also receiving keen interest from France. According to El Pais Colombia, Paris Saint-Germain, who are close to bringing Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid, are eyeing Liverpool’s 27-year-old forward Luis Diaz.

However, it is expected that a transfer fee of around 120-145 million euros would be required, making it difficult for even PSG, which has ample financial resources, to make a serious move for the player. In addition, it is unlikely that the left wing starter will be sold, and there is no impression that the player has expressed a desire to leave the club.

He has scored double-digit goals throughout the Premier League, Europa League, Carabao Cup, and FA Cup, and has developed into a more goal-scoring player than he was immediately after joining the club. He has also been the anchor of the Colombian national team, scoring 11 goals in 45 games.

However, his decision-making rate is a bit lacking, as he often fails to get a shot on frame despite having a free shot on goal. The only way this could happen is if a new coach wants the left winger to be more decisive and releases him to make room in the budget for a replacement.

In any case, he is not leaving Anfield at this point. His family also appears to be satisfied with life in England, as scenes of them enjoying themselves at the stadium every game have been extracted from the broadcast.

With Jurgen Klopp’s departure and the team’s structure undergoing major changes, is there a future for the 27-year-old winger to leave Liverpool…?