Not sure about his best position…Former Tottenham defender speaks out on Joe Gomez’s return to England

Not sure about his best position...Former Tottenham defender speaks out on Joe Gomez's return to England Uncategorized

This season he has broken out of his injury habit and has covered every position in an injury-riddled Liverpool team. In addition to his main position at center back, 26-year-old defender Joe Gomez has also played well at right back and left back, and is making his first attempt at defensive midfield.

The player, who has returned to performing like he did in his prime, has earned a return to the England national team, which is set to play against the powerhouses of Brazil and Belgium.

Referring to this call-up, former Tottenham defender Michael Dawson, who has represented the country, said that he still does not know his best position.

“He has got a huge chance, and he thoroughly deserves this call-up.”

“I am still not sure about his best position. He has played right-back, he has played centre-back, he has played left-back.”

“It is great for an England squad that you have got him. He is quick, he has got a distribution, he has got more games this season than he has ever played before for Liverpool – that’s been down to the injury crisis that Liverpool have had in the full-back area. I think you would take him as a squad player.”

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The former Charlton defender has transformed into a utility player, much like James Milner before last season, and although he still needs to learn how to play in midfield, when used at sideback, he acts like a false sideback, expanding his playing range.

Although he is not high in the pecking order at center back, he remains an important team member. He is still in his mid-twenties, and there are high expectations for his future development.