Xabi Alonso is something special…Bayer Leverkusen defender praises Liverpool’s next managerial candidate

Jurgen Klopp's potential successor...Xabi Alonso avoids saying what his next step will be Transfers

With the departure of Jurgen Klopp and the return of Michael Edwards, Liverpool is now searching for a new coach who can continue the nearly decade-long era of glory.

Xabi Alonso is the top priority target, with Ruben Amorim and Julian Nagelsmann among the candidates.

This season he has led Bayer Leverkusen to a commanding lead in the Bundesliga and, barring a major downturn in form, is almost assured of winning the domestic league.

He has also reached the quarterfinals of the Europa League, and although he has little coaching experience, he has been praised for his skills.

Spanish defender Alejandro Grimaldo, who will be coaching Leverkusen directly, revealed that he feels there is something special about the former Liverpool midfielder’s ability, unlike the coaches he has coached in his career.

“I had very good coaches throughout my career, both at Barcelona and at Benfica. But Xabi is something special. There are not many coaches like him in the world of football,”


The 28-year-old left wingback, who sought a new home in Germany from Benfica in 2023, has been on the pitch in all but one Europa League game, has been the mainstay of the team and is trusted by Xabi Alonso.

He has actually experienced firsthand his coaching in daily training sessions, and is close to becoming a special coach in the world. 

Bayern Munich also continues to step on the gas pedal to sign him, and his departure next season will be the focus of much attention, but what decision will be made…?