Liverpool makes offer for Juventus winger Federico Chiesa with possible sale this summer

Liverpool makes offer for Juventus winger Federico Chiesa with possible sale this summer Transfers

Saudi Arabia has been obsessed with acquiring Egyptian national team player Mohamed Salah. Liverpool turned down a huge verbal offer last summer, but if an offer of equal or greater amount arrives this summer, with less than a year left on his contract, they may be forced to shake their heads.

The Anfield side is said to be in denial about releasing the team’s ace and is said to be looking to extend his contract. A decision will have to be made regarding the departure of the soon-to-be 32-year-old Egyptian King. Concurrently, the search for his successor continues.

Reports from the Italian side have repeatedly claimed that Liverpool is looking to sign Italian international Federico Chiesa. The report reeks of gossip, but journalist Fabio Santini confirms the rumor and says that Liverpool has even made an offer.

“What does Juventus do? They might sell Chiesa and not Vlahovic as is being rumoured,”

”There are offers on Chiesa from the Premier League bigwigs, particularly Liverpool.”

“By selling Chiesa they bring home around €40-45 million, with that amount Juventus can go and knock on [Genoa target Marco] Retegui’s door, who should not be seen here as a duplicate of Vlahovic, but if anything as his sidekick. Here too, Juventus will have to do, as they say in Milan, the servant’s accounts.”

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His success at EURO 2020 is clear for all to see, but since then he has not been overwhelmingly successful, partly due to injuries.He has scored 7 goals in 25 games so far this season, but he has been out of action due to injury.

It is unlikely that he will be able to stay injury-free in the Premier League, which is more intense and overcrowded than the Serie A.

Liverpool’s contact with the 26-year-old winger seems far-fetched, as he is far less decisive than Salah. Also, left-handed right wingers are the top priority, and right-handed left wingers are available in numbers.

It is hard to believe this statement, but will Liverpool ever replace the Italian international with a winger in the future?