Xabi Alonso or Gerrard would like to be named manager…Dirk Kuyt has a theory

Xabi Alonso or Gerrard would like to be named manager...Dirk Kuyt has a theory Transfers

After starts with Utrecht and Feyenoord, he scored 71 goals and 43 assists in 285 games for Anfield between 2006 and 2012. Former Liverpool forward Dirk Kuyt also had a brilliant career with the Dutch national team, scoring 24 goals in 104 games.

He then began his coaching career, but it has not been a success at this point in his career. Bershot VA manager, who is also in the news for his involvement in the takeover of an English club, touched on the speculation surrounding Liverpool’s next manager and expressed his desire to have either Xabi Alonso or Steven Gerrard take over the job.

“You could see from a distance [Alonso would be] a manager one day. For me, it would be amazing if one of my former teammates like Xabi or maybe Steven [Gerrard] in the future will become a manager of Liverpool FC.”

“That would be amazing and I think both will do well.”

“Obviously you see Stevie is now a little further from the job but he also has experience with Glasgow Rangers and then Aston Villa.”

“He is now maybe in a place where people don’t like him to be but he is still doing the job and getting experience and that is how you become a better manager in my opinion.”

Liverpool ECHO

Liverpool is not the only candidate for a new location, as Bayern Munich has also shown strong interest in the Spanish conductor and is said to have already held talks with him.There is a possibility that he will stay at Bayer Leverkusen, and a move to Real Madrid was also discussed after next season.

The former England midfielder is focused on the challenge in Saudi Arabia at the moment. The team he is in charge of is not at the top of the table, and a return to Europe right now would be difficult. It would be a long way, but he would have to establish himself in the second or third division rather than the top flight.

Xabi Alonso would be the first choice to fulfill the former Dutch forward’s wish, but who knows?