If you want a striker…Former Leeds midfielder heavily recommends Evan Ferguson to Liverpool

If you want a striker...Former Leeds midfielder heavily recommends Evan Ferguson to Liverpool Transfers

Nineteen-year-old Irishman Evan Ferguson made an impact in the Premier League last season.He scored six goals and provided two assists in 19 games, an impressive number for a young striker who has risen to become one of the most promising young strikers in the game, despite making many appearances along the way.

He was highly decisive while competing with the center backs with his well-rounded physique, but he has struggled a bit this season. He has scored only six goals in all competitions, including the domestic league and the Europa League, and his reputation has been on the wane.

However, former Ireland midfielder Johnny Giles, who played for Leeds United and Manchester United during his playing days, believes in the ability of the country’s juniors and said that if Liverpool is in the market for an attacker, they should target the Brighton striker.

“If you’re talking about Manchester United and Liverpool if they’re going to buy a striker, I’d buy him. Without question. Yeah, strikers don’t always have a good time, but when they’re not having a good time is when you really judge them,”

“You can see it in them, they don’t shy away from it, he’s the real McCoy in my opinion. I’d go with him anytime.”

Off The Ball

Last season, when he was in good form, the 19-year-old striker received interest from mega clubs, including Liverpool.This season, when he has been in poor form, we have not heard so much about him, but he has the potential to play for a top club.

Will he develop his talent and make the step up to a club that can compete for the Premier League title and win the Champions League?