Liverpool unwilling to extend Thiago Alcántara’s contract…Aiming for offers from Middle Eastern clubs

Liverpool unwilling to extend Thiago Alcántara's contract...Aiming for offers from Middle Eastern clubs Transfers

Former Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcántara joined Liverpool in the summer of 2020 after spells at Barcelona and Bayern Munich. He makes his presence felt in midfield with his quirky passing and precise pressing when he is on the pitch, but his playing time is extremely limited.

He has spent nearly half the season on or off the bench, and has only played five minutes against Arsenal in the Premier League this season. It is likely that he will continue to miss games and his contract, which runs until the end of the season, will expire.

According to Relevo, Liverpool have no intention of offering the former Barcelona midfielder a contract extension and his contract will expire this summer. In addition, the player is reportedly waiting for big offers from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Despite not being able to operate well in recent years, he has received one of the top five salaries at the club, and a release is inevitable in order to review the salary balance.

Young players are also emerging in the midfielders acquired last year, and there is no place for a veteran midfielder. As he will be looking for a new club on a free transfer, he can aim to allocate the budget he would normally spend on transfers to salary terms.

He has not yet taken up the offer, but where does the future lie for the injury-prone Spanish midfielder…?