There is absolutely no blame or criticism… Jurgen Klopp defends the 21-year-old centre-back who gave away the equalizer

There is absolutely no blame or criticism... Jurgen Klopp defends the 21-year-old centre-back who gave away the equalizer Hot Prospect

Liverpool are in fierce competition with Arsenal and Manchester City for the Premier League title. Despite their recent struggles, they have continued to show their resilience in the second half of games and have eventually succeeded in gaining “three” points.

And this time, they face Manchester United, a side that has struggled in the FA Cup. Moreover, they played at Old Trafford. In the same circumstances, Liverpool showed an overwhelming difference in strength, and the first half ended ideally, with the home team not even allowing a shot on target and scoring the first goal.

However, the second half took a different turn. It was 21-year-old Jarell Quansah who set the tone. A simple misplaced pass was targeted and he scored the equaliser directly from the halfway line.

From this point on, they came to life and scored the winner with a brilliant shot. Liverpool equalised with a penalty kick at the last minute, but only managed to earn “one” point. Despite the painful draw, the England U-21 defenders cannot be blamed.

Apart from one poor pass, it was an excellent performance and without his contribution, we could have lost more than two points.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp does not blame the player at all. He said that as long as he is a footballer, mistakes will continue to be made, but he hopes that the young centre-back will learn and grow from this mistake.

“As a football player in the Premier League and playing for Liverpool, I have the bad news it will not be the last mistake in his life, unfortunately,”

“That’s how life is. I thought he dealt extremely well with it, we dealt well with it. But when our idols in the past made these kinds of mistakes there was no social media so I hope he’s smart enough to switch that off.”

“Don’t read the Daily Mail or whatever where they go for people in these moments and make it personal. He dealt extremely well with it and that’s part of the game.”

“We want to play football and keep the ball and play build-up. It is not a great situation but there are bigger mistakes in football and weren’t used, but Bruno saw the opportunity and took it and that’s how it is.”

“There is absolutely no blame or criticism, not at all, it just happens. He will learn from it and that’s the best thing that can happen.”

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