Contact with Ruben Amorim  is a total hoax…there are reports that Liverpool offered him a 3-year contract

Contact with Ruben Amorim is a total hoax...there are reports that Liverpool offered him a 3-year contract Transfers

Liverpool continues to search for a young leader to lead the team at Anfield next season. After Xabi Alonso decided to stay at his current club, he has turned his interest to Sporting’s Ruben Amorim, making him the top target among several candidates.

Recently, news has continued to suggest that this is a growing possibility, with reports circulating from German quarters that the coach himself is interested in taking charge at Liverpool and has reached a verbal basic agreement with the prestigious English club.

However, Portuguese journalist Pedro Sepúlveda, who has reported on the manager’s departure in the past, denied any contact between the manager and Liverpool.

He said that it was only a negotiation with his agent and that there was no real agreement on a contract.

“It is completely false that Rúben Amorim was interviewed or had any direct contact with Liverpool.”

“The Portuguese is focused on winning titles at SportingCP.”

“All negotiations go through his agent. To date, there is NO agreement on the terms of the contract. Negotiations proceed.”

In the last few days, information has been intensely updated on the appointment of a new manager. Bayern Munich and Chelsea are also following the trend, so anything can still happen.

Still, there is no doubt that Liverpool is seen as the main contender and should be given priority at the negotiating table.

Liverpool, which did not rush into negotiations for Xabi Alonso, may be in the process of finalizing a rough contract with his agent without interviewing the coach himself until the Portuguese league championship is confirmed first.