Sporting’s president may break his verbal agreement with Ruben Amorim…Liverpool wants to close the deal

The battle for RUben Amorim is even more intense as Newcastle is eager to interview him Transfers

In the race to succeed Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool have turned their attention to 39-year-old Ruben Amorim, who has shown impressive skills at Sporting.There has been mixed news about the appointment of the young manager, who has a reputation for building teams on a limited budget and developing youngsters.

While reports have circulated that a verbal agreement on the basic terms of the contract has been reached, the head coach himself has denied the speculation, saying that no agreement has been reached and that negotiations have not even started. However, the general view is that Amorim is close to taking charge at Anfield.

Fabrizio Romano has revealed the cost of bringing him to the club. A domestic club would cost €30 million, while a foreign club would cost €20 million, but he left room for negotiations, saying that he could be available for as little as €10 million.

However, Portuguese journalist Pedro Sepúlveda revealed the Sporting president’s intention to not accept a release below the release clause and suggested that this could cause discord within the club, as this would be a breach of his verbal agreement with the manager.

“Frederico Varandas, President of SportingCP, is considering failing to the verbal agreement for Rúben Amorim to leave for a fee below the release clause just for not being criticized by the fans. This could trigger a discomfort inside Sporting. Liverpool wants to close the deal.”

Liverpool originally saw Xabi Alonso as their first choice to lead Bayer Leverkusen, but he decided to stay in the Bundesliga. Therefore, the Portuguese leader, who was second on the list of candidates, has been moved up.

Can Liverpool bring in a manager who can replace the German, who has achieved great things, and who can take the team forward without losing the level of the team…?