On loan to Cardiff, Nathaniel Phillips talks about his future career and rentals

On loan to Cardiff, Nathaniel Phillips talks about his future career and rentals Transfers

Bolton-born defender Nathaniel Phillips, who turned 27 in March this year, has had loan spells at a number of clubs, including Stuttgart, Bournemouth and Celtic. He made a loan move to Cardiff in the winter transfer window.

He made 16 Championship appearances for the Welsh club, starting 15 of them. It has been smooth sailing on loan, but a return to Liverpool awaits him at the end of the season.

At Anfield, where rumours of securing a new centre-back are swirling, he is in a difficult position to even make the bench.

He is approaching an age where he is starting to look at turning 30 and would not like to be in an environment where he cannot play any more.

A move could be in full swing this summer, but the player has spoken about his future and revealed that a move to Cardiff is on his mind.

“I’ve got two (years) actually at Liverpool,”

“There’s a lot of change going on at Liverpool so there’s a lot up in the air there. They’ve got a lot to sort out themselves.”

“I’d certainly consider [a return to Cardiff]. I’ve enjoyed my time here, I’ve enjoyed playing regularly. I want to continue playing regular football and enjoying my football.”

“Any time you move clubs, a lot is up in the air. I’ve done it a few times with loans, so I would say I’m more accustomed to it than some people are. I know how to do it. I know Cardiff now and I’ve done that.”

“It’s been beneficial for me in that he’s taken a liking to me as a player,”

“I’ve played regularly so that’s played in my favour. Any time a player is moving they want to know who the coach is going to be and whether or not you’re going to be a player for them.”

“I had a brief conversation with the loan manager at Liverpool. There’s so much going on at the club. Football is a game of a lot of uncertainty generally anyway.”

“You tend to find you make one plan and something else comes along. I’ve learnt throughout my career to just sit back and let things unfold because it doesn’t really matter how much you try and worry about it or influence it, a lot of things are out of your control.”