Barcelona target Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez to replace Robert Lewandowski

Barcelona target Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez to replace Robert Lewandowski Transfers

Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez arrived at Anfield as a long-term replacement for Sadio Mane in the summer after Mane left Liverpool. In his first season with the club, he failed to get used to English football and finished the season with only 15 goals and four assists in 42 games.

A big breakthrough was expected in his second year, but while the centre-forward’s game has improved with dramatic goals against Newcastle and Nottingham Forest, his decision-making remains a concern, and he has been unable to score big chances on many occasions.

With the low goal conversion rate coming under criticism, Liverpool are rumoured to be in the market for a new forward. On the other hand, Mohamed Salah and Luis Diaz have attracted interest from some clubs and their departure is being closely watched.

According to The Sun, Barcelona, who are also said to have the Colombian international on their list, have the 24-year-old troubled striker on their list.

The reason behind this is that the club, which has to comply with the salary cap, is considering releasing players who receive high-class salaries, and one of the leading candidates is Robert Lewandowski, the Polish international, who is one of the highest paid players in the team.

The paper says the sum will swell to £27 million next season and is likely to be sacrificed by Barcelona, who are looking to improve their salary cap as much as possible.The 35-year-old striker has scored 24 goals in 45 games and is the club’s leading scorer.

As a replacement, the Liverpool forward is also being looked at. However, he does not have the financial wherewithal to pay a transfer fee and a trip to Spain is not realistic.