I don’t see anyone there that can fill his shoes… Former Liverpool midfielder specifies the biggest challenge facing his old club

I don't see anyone there that can fill his shoes... Former Liverpool midfielder specifies the biggest challenge facing his old club Transfers

It was at Chelsea that he failed to get a chance and his first attempt in England was objectively a failure. Egyptian international Mohamed Salah then honed his skills in Italy, and when he joined Liverpool, he was given a second chance to try his hand, and has scored a huge amount of goals at Anfield.

The Saudis were keen on Egyptian King, who remains the team’s ace at over 30 years of age, and a huge offer was made last summer. 

Liverpool rejected the offer, but he remains a firm favourite.

His contract expires with Liverpool in June 2025, and Middle Eastern clubs are said to be looking to land him on a free transfer. However, the search for his successor will be difficult, claimed former German midfielder Dietmar Hamann, who scored 11 goals and 26 assists in 283 games for Anfield during his career.

“Salah has been wonderful for Liverpool, but he’s getting older now. Can he be that player who makes the difference next season? I’m not sure if he can. If Salah moves on, I’m worried that there isn’t a player in the squad that is ready to take on the responsibility of being the main man.”

“I don’t see anyone there that can fill his shoes. Liverpool have a lot of supporting acts, but they’re not ready to become the leading man. That is key for me. Who can come into the team and do what Salah has done for the last seven years? It’s a big challenge to try and find a replacement for him.”

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We don’t see the speedy dribbling breakthroughs of his heyday, and if anything, he has become more of a chance-maker.

The problem is the lack of a striker who can take those chances reliably, or the high rate of injuries, which has prevented him from being the Salah or Sadio Mane of the past.

Candidates for successors keep popping up, but which winger will Liverpool be serious about acquiring after data analysis and internal investigations…?