Slot’s playing style suits Ryan a little better…What Ryan Gravenberch’s father sees in his son

Slot’s playing style suits Ryan a little better...What Ryan Gravenberch's father sees in his son Transfers

Dutch midfielder Ryan Gravenberch was a teenager at Ajax, but his year at Bayern Munich was unsatisfactory and he spent a lot of time on the bench.

He wanted to move on in search of playing time, and Liverpool, who had been interested in him since his days in the Eredivisie, signed him just before the transfer window closed last summer.

He spent a long time struggling in the Premier League, but finished the season with high hopes for next season, scoring his first goal in the league towards the end of the season.

The father of the 22-year-old midfielder, who was also included in his country’s squad for EURO 2024, gave an interview in which he mentioned the integrity of former manager Jurgen Klopp, but said that new manager Arne Slott would be a better fit in terms of playing style.

“Jurgen Klopp had more feeling and personal interest than Nagelsmann and Tuchel combined,”

“That immediately gave Ryan a very good feeling in the first conversations.”

“Despite the extremely busy schedule and all the things Klopp has to take into account in his work, he continued to invest a lot of time and personal interest in Ryan.”

“Klopp has been very good to Ryan. He was helpful and nice, but on the other hand he could also be tough, and he sometimes put Ryan on the bench in important matches.”

“That’s right, he plays in the [one of the] world’s top [clubs].”

“I think he is at least 50% better now than he was then. He has become even stronger and fitter.”

“The pace at which Liverpool plays is really not normal. Everything goes much faster and that has done him very well.”

“Ryan always has to give something extra at Liverpool and that has made him a much better player.”

“I don’t think he has spoken to Slot yet, but Ryan is happy that he is coming,”

“Although he loved playing under Klopp, Slot’s playing style suits Ryan a little better. Slot plays more like Manchester City and Arsenal. Under Klopp, Liverpool played more directly. Slot’s game suits Ryan better from Ajax’s training.”