Lost on the pitch…Trent Alexander-Arnold doubts the play on England’s game

Lost on the pitch...Trent Alexander-Arnold doubts the play on England's game Uncategorized

EURO 2024, which will determine the strongest nation in Europe, is currently underway in the football world. The first match of each group stage has been completed and we are starting to move into the second match.

At the moment, the only major upset is Romania’s win over Belgium, and the results of the matches continue to be in order.

The England team, which also included Liverpool players such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez, faced Serbia in their first match.

Although they got a whitewash, it was not a great result and could have been a loss if their opponents had been more decisive.

Looking around the world, they have a lot of talent and are the leading favourites to win this tournament, but they will need to improve over the course of the tournament if they are to reach the top.

Former French midfielder Emmanuel Petit named Liverpool’s right-back and said he was lost on the pitch, but recalled that the performance of the entire squad was not good.

“England played very well in the first half but the second half, I didn’t recognise them,”

“They lost composure and confidence and I didn’t recognise them. They lost the ball so easily. I’m not sure about the balance of the team right now, especially in the midfield so we will see what Southgate will do for the next game.”

“Trent Alexander-Arnold, I was not impressed by his game. I’m not sure about the combination up front, Harry Kane dropped too much in the midfield, leaving the space up front. Southgate needs to think about the tactics for the next game. Is he going to change the midfield? I don’t know but I don’t get it – physically they dropped so much in the second half and in terms of confidence.”

“I’ve seen very good players lose composure in the second half. This is not an explanation. Those players can do much better.”

“When I look at the game of Trent Alexander-Arnold, I was thinking he is lost on the pitch. He doesn’t know what to do tactically in terms of defending and when he gets the ball – but he is not the only one. This is the responsibility of the manager, I’m sorry to say that.”


The next match is against the old powerhouse Denmark. Can Gareth Southgate’s England make the right changes against a team full of curmudgeons?

And can Trent Alexander-Arnold be used in midfield again and earn his place in a regular, absolute position?