I’ve already told them where he’s going to play…Arne Slot reveals how Darwin Nunez is going to be used

I've already told them where he's going to play...Arne Slot reveals how Darwin Nunez is going to be used Team

In his first season at Liverpool, Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez was often criticised for his low decision-making rate and poor play as a centre-forward. Last season, his front-line play improved and he developed as a striker, recording double figures in both goals and assists.

Nevertheless, towards the end of the season, his scoring rate declined and his inability to score one-on-one goals was noticeable, leading to rumours of a move to Barcelona.

However, at 25 years of age, he still has a lot of room for improvement and, judging by his performances for the national team, he has the potential to make history as a scorer.

New coach Arne Slot also has high hopes for the former Benfica forward. He revealed that he had a conversation with the player before pre-season started and told him where he would be playing in the new season.

“I assume he will fit really well into this (playing style) because I like him,”

“I’ve told him already. He is one of the players I have spoken to. He might have had some struggles with finishing opportunities but he came a lot of times into those positions.”

“I think he could fit in really well but it’s normal at a club like this that there are many more players who could play in his position. It’s clear for him which position he is going to play.”

“It’s clear for me as well and me telling him made it clear for him. I just told him that, from what I saw, he played multiple positions and what positions – or position – I see him playing.”

The Uruguayan striker has failed to steal the spot of absolute ace under Jurgen Klopp, but with Egyptian international Mohamed Salah unable to hide his age-related decline, he is expected to be the next generation of ace players.

Can the 25-year-old forward develop into a world-class player with a new coach?