Liverpool defender Joe Gomez turned down a transfer to Leipzig when he was at Charlton

Liverpool defender Joe Gomez turned down a transfer to Leipzig when he was at Charlton Transfers

Joe Gomez grew up well in Charlton’s academy and was selected in the England under-category and was highly regarded for his talent as a teenager.In 2014, he was promoted to the first team and despite playing only one year, he was transferred to Liverpool after a three-team battle for the .

At Anfield, he worked his way up to left back and right back before moving into the center back position. He has occasionally filled in for Trent Alexander-Arnold at right back, but is expected to take over regularly from veterans such as Joel Matip and Virgil van Dijk.

Before joining Liverpool, Gomez himself said he had been linked with a now-mainstream move to Germany; midway through the 2014-15 season, he was invited to join RB Leipzig, who had not been promoted to the Bundesliga at the time, but due to the lack of precedent, he preferred to make a move within England It seems that he prioritized a move within England.

“In the January [of 2015], I went to Red Bull Leipzig,”

“I had only played half a season, they were still in the Bundesliga 2. In hindsight, they are a great club but I wasn’t ready. I went with my mum, my dad and my missus wasn’t feeling it either. I knew I wasn’t ready, but the opportunity to go came up.”

“If you play in Germany [today], the likelihood is you’re coming back. At the time, for me, there weren’t many examples of that yet. Maybe today I would be like, ‘wow, this is the way’.”

“In the summer, there was Liverpool, Bournemouth and Villa, those were the three main options,”

“They are just contrasting roots, at the time they [Bournemouth] had Eddie Howe, a great gaffer, and it was a big decision. I met Brendan and I always had a soft spot for Liverpool. As a club, it had a warmth to it. I met Brendan and he was a likeable person.”

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